Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Apple Unveils the New IPad

Steve Jobs unveiled the new Apple IPad yesterday.  It is a new computing device somewhere between an IPhone and a laptop computer.

The Ipad has a much larger screen than an Ipod or an Iphone and only weighs one and a half pounds.  Users can watch movies, listen to music and surf the web, send and read email, and look at photos, among other tasks.  Unlike an Iphone, the Ipad can download files from the web.  Like an Iphone, the Ipad has a digital keyboard that Jobs says is very easy to use.

Pricing for the new device will be between $499 and $829, depending on options like 3G and storage space.

Apple continues to be the number one innovator in personal computing, in my opinion.  The new Ipad is a computer, one that can easily fit in a briefcase.  However, can it be programmed for Excel and Word?  Without these office applications, the Ipad's use will be limited and it will be the equivalent of a very large Iphone:  still very useful, but not a replacement for a laptop.

Would I buy one?  You bet.

Via:  UK Mail Online

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