Saturday, January 23, 2010

Who Is Charles Johnson? Who Cares?

Apparently the New York Times has profiled Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs.  According to The Other McCain, the Times' article was surprisingly fair: it does not make Johnson look good.

Charles Johnson was once seen as a ground-breaking, conservative blogger; he had an enormous following.  In 2007 he started to change direction, heading leftward.  Now his biggest claim to fame is that he abandoned the Right because of our incipient homophobia, Islamophobia and racism.  However, the Left isn't buying Charley's new shtick either.  Charley is a fake and most people know it.  Charley's only real ideology is his own narcissistic need for attention.

I no longer consider Charles Johnson a viable threat to conservatism.  I removed my "Ban Charles Johnson" logo from my sidebar -- I don't really think it's needed any more.  CJ is passé.  In the future I intend to mention him sparingly if at all.

Goodbye Charley.  Enjoy your anonymity.

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