Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Four Arrested in Attempt to Bug a Senator's Phones

A breaking news story is that four young men attempted to infiltrate Senator Mary Landrieu's federal office under false pretenses and bug her telephones.

One of the four was conservative filmmaker James O'Keefe (left), well known for his secret filming and take-down of ACORN.

All four of the men arrived at Senator Landrieu's office dressed as phone repairmen and asked for access to her office phone system. They were subsequently arrested by the FBI.

Anyone who attempts to bug a U.S. Senator's office is a Horse's Ass, indeed. Did it ever dawn on the conspirators that this might be a little bit ILLEGAL?

If proven guilty, the four should be punished to the full extent of the law. We don't need jackasses like this in the conservative movement.

Read about it here.

Update:  It has now been determined that the four "repairmen" were not there to bug the senator's phones, but to create some sort of political theater.  Mary Landrieu was not answering her phones to talk with incensed taxpayers over Obamacare, so the "phone repairmen" arrived to illustrate the point:  something must be wrong with Senator Landrieu's phones!  Oh ha ha ha!

Not criminal, just really dumb.

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