Friday, March 05, 2010

John Patrick Bedell: So Much in Common with Me! The Wing Nut Connection?

Yesterday, a nut named John Patrick Bedell walked up to two police officers at an entrance to the Pentagon, drew a pistol and opened fire.  He wounded the two police officers but they killed him with return fire.  Now the mainstream media is trying to connect Bedell with the Tea Party movement and/or "right wing extremists" (what else is new?).

You see, it is a belief in limited government, low taxes and adherence to the constitutional basis of America's founding that causes such behavior.  This is why the Founding Fathers were all Wing Nuts, Christian zealots and racists sporting Saturday Night specials that they bought at Gun-O-Rama.  It's why they often walked up to British guards and opened fire with their flintlock pistols.  There is something about personal responsibility and human freedom that drives men mad.  It's why the public should fear with great dread, the Tea Party movement, and any and all resistance to Obama's socialist initiatives.  Thank you so much, MSM, for pointing all of this out.

I was surprised that John Patrick Bedell and I have so much in common.  He and I both live (or in his case, lived) in Hollister, California.  He was a graduate student at San Jose State University and I graduated from San Jose State.  The connection is pretty clear:  either living in Hollister or attending San Jose State drives men to acts of irrational violence.  Don't be judgmental.  Have you ever BEEN to Hollister?  Have you SEEN the girls at San Jose State?  I rest my case.

Bedell received his B.A. degree from U.C. Santa Cruz and so did my youngest son.  David Horowitz has called U.C. Santa Cruz the most left wing university campus in the country.  He isn't far wrong.

Yes, I too am a Wing Nut, and proud of it.  I think Obama is a flaming commie, that he ought to make his birth certificate public, that 9/11 was NOT an inside job, that Oswald killed Kennedy all by himself, and that states have the right to secede from the union.  I believe in gun ownership, disbelieve in anthropogenic global warming, believe in drilling for oil off our coasts until they bleed, love driving gas guzzlers, wearing Stetson hats and smoking big cigars.  Ah ha ha ha!  (It's difficult to express a truly wicked laugh in text.  Use your imagination.)

The only problem is that we Wing Nuts love the military.  We'd never fire on the Pentagon.  We believe that peace protesters who lie down in front of trucks or tanks should be flattened like toad frogs on the Bayshore Freeway.

Oh, and one more thing, we don't register as Democrats.  John Patrick Bedell was just another left wing loonie, a Moonbat, not a Wing Nut...and a registered Democrat!

In other words, he was one of YOURS, lefties.  You lose.  Again.

However, I suspect it isn't politics that makes someone crazy.   They choose the politics that is most in line with their predilections.   Paranoid, angry people will often become conspiracy theorists and hate certain authority figures while identifying with others.  Bedell's politics were a product of his psyche, not the other way around.

Update 1:  Left Coast Rebel posted the voter record that gives Bedell's address in Hollister.  I hopped in my car, punched the address into my GPS and tried to go over to his house.  However, my GPS led me to the Ridgemark Golf & Country Club, where Bedell lived in a gated community (complete with a guard shack), so I couldn't complete my journey.  In any case, it appears Bedell wasn't economically depressed.  Update 1a :  I put Bedell's address into Google Maps and saw his house from both an aerial and street view.  The house is huge and has a pool and spa in the back yard.

Update 2:  Here's an interesting article about Bedell.  Apparently, Bedell was a 9/11 truther, hated the government and had mental problems.  You have to feel for his family and what they are going through right now.  Both his mother and his father are pillars of the Hollister community.

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