Friday, March 19, 2010

The Battle for America: Already Lost?

The Democrats are moving heaven and earth to pass their socialized medical bill, using highly dubious means that appear unconstitutional and ruthless.  Anger over this is at the boiling point, not only among conservatives, but many Americans of differing political persuasions.

I, however, remain calm.  I suppose it's because I have almost reconciled myself to the end of America as we know it.  The situation, as I see it, is no longer to defeat the socialist juggernaut that sees its goals within reach, but to find ways to nullify and resist the increasingly tyrannical rule being foisted upon us.

Many states are planning to sue the federal government over Obamacare, and constitutional challenges to its passage are being planned.  Obama's impeachment is now being discussed as a real possibility.  We should try and remove this radical leftist from the presidency by any legal means possible.  He is a disaster, just as we predicted he would be.

It is obvious that the Democrats' pursuit of a new, socialist America will not be deterred by the will of the people or the unpopularity of their schemes.   The question now is how can we best resist and nullify the damage that they have wrought.

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