Wednesday, March 06, 2013


Always on Watch has a post this morning about the leftward drifting CPAC, formerly known as the Conservative Political Action Committee, now known as the jihad-enabling, terrorist-ignoring, PC endorsing clusterfuck.

It seems that Robert Spencer won an award in a poll that showed his site "Jihad Watch" to be the most popular blog, by far, among conservatives.  The award was to be presented to the winner at next week's annual meeting of CPAC in Washington, DC.  However, since CPAC is now headed up by Muslim apologist and sympathizer, Grover Norquist, Spencer was informed that he could only be given the award by promising not to criticize Norquist or his Muslim wife, Suhail Khan.

Spencer refused, and is now barred from accepting the award.  Read about it here.

CPAC has now become one of those "proper" conservative organizations (like National Review Online) that is heavily influenced and intimidated by liberal nostrums and bugaboos, ready to throw any conservative under the bus for not self-censoring truth in order to achieve a faux patina of social propriety.

Boycott CPAC.  Don't go, don't participate, and do not fund the organization.


Stogie said...

Thank you for linking. I appreciate it.

I tell you this: I am seething over this disaster of CPAC 2013.

Stogie said...

A GREAT graphic!

Forgot to say that in my rush to dash off to work.