Monday, March 04, 2013

The Death of Politics?

My friend Rick Darby at Reflecting Light expresses my mood well.  He writes:
As regular readers know, I stopped most political commentary on this blog a while ago because I'd said everything I thought worth saying many times over and it no longer matters. The U.S. is now a one-party (Republicrat) state like the Soviet Union or North Korea: of the government, by the government, for the government.
I notice that I have also ceased much political commentary for the same reason.  What's the point?

Things have gotten so bad that even CPAC, or the Conservative Political Action Committee, has denied Pamela Geller any spot at the convention, not even a table or any secondary capacity, as in hosting a discussion group about the dangers of jihad.  Apparently, CPAC is now headed by one Grover Norquist, a Muslim sympathizer whose wife is a Palestinian Muslim.  We are now mimicking European-style suppression of free speech, where any discussion of Islamic violence, subversion and jihad are forbidden.  The truth, it seems, is too controversial.

Normally, I would have a post with a large title, BOYCOTT CPAC!  But again, what's the point.  The Establishment GOP and its committees (like CPAC has become) are determined to be Democrat-lite, and won't take no for an answer.  Many say the Republican Party is dead.  I tend to agree.

Throughout history, the tendency has been for groups of men to seek power and control of the masses, to organize and regiment them, propagandize them through state controlled education, and force them to live and work according to the dictates of the power group.  Men do not seek increased freedom for the individual.  Our Founding Fathers were an outlier in the long sweep of history, a rare exception to the general rule that a few will be rulers and the rest will be ruled.  Abraham Lincoln was an egregious example of the statist seeking to subordinate the masses to the central government, and if nothing else, I will continue deconstructing this phony until the day I die.  No one who believes in freedom can believe that Lincoln was a great man.  However, I digress.

We are now witnessing the general rule of history, that a few will be masters and the rest, slaves.  The cement has already been poured around our feet, and the Obamas, Pelosis and Reids merely waiting for it to harden.  In time, it will, and all opposition will sleep with the fishes.  The American experiment in individual freedom was great while it lasted, and now we take our place among the ruins of Athens, Sparta and Troy, to be recounted in legend and myth, mere artifacts for future generations to ponder.


Stogie said...

I, too, declined to post about CPAC's latest idiocy.

In 2010, I moved heaven and earth to attend CPAC -- specifically because of the debut of AFDI.

Pamela's offerings at CPAC have been SRO. Apparently, CPAC now willfully denies one of the biggest draws that the event has had.



Stogie said...


Off topic....I posted today about Robert Spencer and CPAC 2013.

Stogie said...

I'll check it out.