Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Delusional, Dangerous Left

Leftist Slander of President Trump
The leftist Democrats are in all-out attack mode, determined to destroy Trump's presidency by any means necessary.  They created a huge lie, that Trump won the election over Hillary because his campaign colluded with the Russians somehow.  A special investigator has been appointed to continue looking into the charges, already several weeks old with not a shred of evidence.  However, whether it is true or not doesn't matter.  The Dirty Dems seek to create an impression in the minds of the public through insinuation.  The media is onboard, reporting the "investigation" as if there were any truth to it, and support the Big Lie with images such as that of Time Magazine on the left, which shows the White House merging with the Kremlin.  Sick!

Meanwhile, fake turncoat Republicans like John McCain are lending their voices in support, while despicable Democrats like Maxine Waters and Al Green publicly call for impeachment of Trump -- for what?  He has committed no "high crimes and misdemeanors."

The Dims have long practiced the "politics of personal destruction," ruining reputations with falsehood, innuendo and rumor.  Even though their target may be completely innocent, the idea is to create enough doubt in the minds of voters to give the Dimocrat candidates the edge.  Other observers have called the current Democrat pogrom a "soft coup d'etat."  The Democrats seek to ruin a president based on slanderous fabrications.  I almost wish for a new Civil War.


In other fronts, a domestic Democrat terrorist group called "Antifa" is showing up at all Republican and conservative political events to beat up, harass and injure the Republican participants.  Antifa likes to carry signs that say "Fuck Off Nazi Scum!"  So we are now Nazis, because they say so.

This is similar to the recent unhinged attacks on Confederate monuments in New Orleans, where the monuments are described as "monuments to white supremacy and oppression."  Any who support the monuments are, of course, "racists."  The baby-faced, bald Marxist Mayor Mitch Landrieu has been removing these monuments in the face of strong opposition, even sending workers in bullet proof vests, helmets and masks, to dismantle the monuments.  This, while a SWAT team overlooks the destruction with loaded rifles.  A more blatant example of leftist fascism is hard to imagine -- crushing the will of the people by brute force, and with total disregard to their feelings or opinions.

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