Sunday, September 03, 2017

A Swarming of NRO Cucks on Twitter

I spent a couple of hours today fighting with "cuckservatives" on Twitter.  It seems there is an infestation there of NRO cucks, i.e. "conservatives" who are never-Trumpers and feel the need to constantly undermine the President.

The NRO types are rigidly ideological, that is, they will not amend their political strategy to meet current situations, opportunities and dangers.  They are still pissed off that Trump defeated their favorite candidates, be it Ted Cruz or someone else.  The fight started when some young woman called "Mo Mo" labeled Trump a "buffoon."  I objected to this appellation and the fight was on.

Most of it was just trading personal insults, and I am better at that than young punks, having had years of practice.  However, the crux of my real argument is this:  if you are undermining Trump you are helping the Democrats.  We do not have a choice, at this point in time, of an ideologically pure candidate vs an imperfect one; that boat has sailed.  We have only Trump, and the alternative is a Democrat like Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Wasrren or Tim Kaine.  Debating Trump's qualifications at this point accomplishes nothing -- he is the President.

What we have to do is to keep the Congress and the Senate, and hope Trump will be able to implement most of his agenda.  The NRO Cuckservatives are too adolescent to realize this and to act on it.  We must deal with reality and shape it, as much as possible, to accomplish our ends.

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