Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Crickets and Web Crawlers

A few days ago I checked my Statcounter record of visitors to this blog.  Since I have been neglecting the blog, I expected to see a very low number of "hits."  I was shocked to see my hits were 500 - 700 hits per day.  However, I wasn't seeing a ton of visitors on my Revolver Maps globe.  What was up?

I figured it must be web crawlers from Google and other search engines.  I was right:  Google was giving me a digital colonoscopy.  But why?  I think I know.

Google is a very leftwing organization, and dislikes conservative content.  So they are scouring conservative sites to see if they can't unearth some tie to fascism,, "racism," White Supremacy or other excuse for deleting blogs.  That's my theory, anyway.

Anyway, I fixed Statcounter so that it does not record web crawlers as "hits."  Today my hits are back to their pathetically low level.  Why Google would even bother is beyond me.

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