Sunday, September 03, 2017

The North Korean Death Wish

So the pudgy fool with the bad haircut who rules North Korea has a nuke on a missile.  El Pudgo seems to think he can annihilate the western world with just one bomb.  It it's true he has an H bomb that can be mounted on a missile, he might be able to take out London or New York.  However, that all depends.  Will the missile/bomb combo even work?  Will it blow up on the launch pad and take half of North Korea with it?

And what if it actually hits a target like New York.  What does it do for an encore?  Unless it has dozens of identical nuclear missiles, it finds itself in an embarrassing situation.  It has just whacked a bear on the nose and stands there peeing in its jockeys while the bear charges with fangs a flappin.'

Kim Jung Unstable will shortly be absent from the glowing, radioactive waste that once was North Korea.

Note to North Korean generals:  assassinate this maniac before he gets you all killed.

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