Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Texas Fred Agrees With Murtha and Pelosi: Opposed the War In Iraq

My friends at American Power referred me to their previous blog (now inactive) called Burkean Reflections where they too had a run-in with "Texas Fred."

It seems Texas Fred opposed the Iraq War and also the surge and used a lot of leftwing polemics to defend his positions. If Fred is a conservative, I'll eat my next cigar.

Here's some of the posts that show Texas Fred's true sentiments:

Conduct Unbecoming? Texas Fred and the Collapse of Civil Discussion in Debating Iraq

In that piece, Texas Fred resorts to the Leftist "Chicken Hawk" defense. He says:

Don, how many years did you spend in uniform?? Leading men in combat?? Leading your own Intel unit?? Acting as liaison between civilian Intel agencies and the Corps?? How many Purple Hearts do YOU have?? How many other decorations did YOU earn Don??What was you rank at retirement?? What's your percentage of disability now that you're fully retired form those injuries?? Does that PhD reflect anything even remotely connected to War College??Let me tell you something your 'Mother Superior', I have earned the right to voice MY opinion, as have you, but I am of serious belief that if YOU are as learned as you would claim, you skipped class the day they had the course in 'common sense', if you think I am a liberal, you are really not very well grounded in anything other than Bush Bot politics...
Bush Bot politics?? Yeah, Fred, you really sound like a conservative. Professor Douglas responds:

I do see, though, that you've left your blog's URL, and I'll check to see all the high-powered military strategy and tactics you're spouting over there -- hopefully it'll be more than the same old "no more Vietnams" rehash...Perhaps you're not liberal, as you say, but you do have the Murtha/Pelosi talking points down.
Professor Douglas finally decided Texas Fred wasn't worth the trouble and wrote:

It's simply impossible to have a rational, policy-related discussion with someone of Texas Fred's low-caliber intellect. No matter how reasoned an argument I might have put forward, Texas Fred would have popped back up -- like a "whack-a-mole" game -- with more of his gonad-driven attacks on my "inexistent credentials," or what not.

I could have given old Freddie a paddling in a real policy-related dialogue on U.S military policy and strategy. His lily-livered fake machismo just wasn't worth the effort.

Note, also that I suggested in my comments that I'd check out his blog to see "what high-powered military strategy and tactics he was spouting" over there. Well, I did mosey on over to old Freddie's page, but I found very few posts on military or strategic studies. I did find some of Freddie's supremely ill-considered ruminations on immigration policy: In response to one of his commentators, who called for illegal alien second-offenders to be SOS (Shot on Sight), Fred said: How do you determine if they are 2nd time offenders?? Just shoot the bastards and be done with it…

Brilliant! All of you members of "Reject the U.N." should now have a better idea of whom you are in bed with. Like my old Texas pappy used to say, "If you lie down with dogs you're gonna come up with fleas."

See also American Power's related blog post here. Interestingly, Texas Fred has advocated killing Mexicans who cross the border. As he wrote on his own website:

I am guessing that at least half of the 18 million or so WETBACKS in this
nation would be denied admission to the USA if we’d act, but the time to act is
NOW, put the National Guard on the border, with full combat capabilities and
tell em, ANYTHING coming over that border is an ILLEGAL invader, KILL IT!!

Piece of cake, we have dead wetbacks all over the place, now that’s what I call ‘Happy Holidays’!!

If I am to be called ‘racist’, if I am to wear the name, if it makes me a racist to stand up and defend MY nation and to call an illegal invader a wetback, to call them by the only name that truly describes them for what they are, WETBACKS, then you’re damn right, I AM a racist, and I’ll wear the title proudly...

The title is all yours, Texas Fred. No one can deny that you've earned it.

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