Friday, June 26, 2009

Jimmy B. Webb: What's a Libertarian-Socialist?

My friend Donald Douglas at American Power is having a blogfight with Jimmy Webb over at Brainrage. Jimmy insists that he be called "James B. Webb" but calls Professor Douglas "Don."

Jimmy says he is a "cynical libertarian-socialist." The terms "libertarian" and "socialist" seem to be mutually exclusive, but then again, this is the looney Left we are talking about, where all things are possible, including economic perpetual motion, otherwise known as socialism. Socialism has never been made to work, but Jimmy and friends are right on the verge of making it happen. Any century now.

So again I ask, what is a "libertarian-socialist"? I think I have found some possible definitions.

A libertarian-socialist is:

1. Someone who wants to be free to pick your pocket.
2. Someone who wants to live a destructive and dangerous lifestyle yet be free of criticism or consequences.
3. Someone who calls you a fascist for opposing "progressive" fascism.
4. Someone who wants to redistribute the wealth, i.e. from you to them.

Well that's a start. Feel free to add to the list.

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