Thursday, August 30, 2012

GOP's Fantastic Finale: Republican Convention Ends

Mitt Romney Addresses the Convention
I can truthfully say I have never seen a more inspiring political convention than the one the GOP put on in Florida this week.  The last day (today) was the best.  People who know Mitt Romney personally and have been close to him revealed him to be a magnanimous and caring man, one of great principals and high standards, who has led both businesses and the Olympics to great accomplishment.

Clint Eastwood Speaks to GOP Convention
Many hispanic Republicans spoke, indicating there is a growing hispanic addition to the Grand Old Party.  I was most impressed with a young Mexican-American man and athlete who, after 911, was asked to carry the American flag taken from the World Trade Center into the Olympic arena when the American team was introduced.  That was the torn flag that was recovered after the massive terrorist attack on New York in 2001.  He said that when he touched the flag, it touched him back, to his very soul, and he carried the flag with tears streaming down his face.

There were lots of tears as Romney friends told of his support during difficult times.  One was of a 14 year old boy dying of cancer, whom Romney visited often in the hospital.  The boy asked Romney to write his will, and Romney did.  The boy asked to be buried in his scout uniform, and Romney gave the eulogy at his funeral.  In another example, Romney gave care and support to a mother whose baby girl was born three months premature, with severe medical problems, visiting her and the child in the hospital.  The little girl survived, but died at age 26.  Romney was there again to support the family in their grief.

There were also comical moments, like when Clint Eastwood spoke to the convention.  He was indeed the mystery speaker, as many had speculated.  He had an imaginary conversation with Obama, explaining that politicians are employees of American citizens, and when an employee isn't doing the job, you have to let him go.

Other personal stories underscored the fact the Romney is a caring man who has sought all his life to help the people around him, and provide moral support to those going through hard life changes.  Romney was shown to be a warm and loving man.  Business associates described how he turned their companies around, saving or creating thousands of jobs.  One of those companies was Staples.  Another was an American steel company. Representatives from these companies praised Romney's personal ethical standards and leadership skills.

Former Olympic athletes told how he saved the 2002 Winter Olympics, beset with corruption and waste, making it into a highly ethical and prosperous enterprise.  The stage was lined with former Olympic medal winners there to support Romney, some telling of their personal relationship with him and how he inspired them.  It was an impressive sight.

Finally, Romney gave his acceptance speech and told how he would turn the economy around, strengthen the military and reverse and replace Obamacare.  When he told how he would work to make the U.S. energy independent by 2020, I was sold.  He would do that by exploiting our massive domestic energy sources, including oil drilling, coal and nuclear energy.  He made no mention of investing in the dubious "alternative energy" sources which so far have proved an impractical pipe dream.  Mitt Romney made his case well.

It was a fantastic finale.  I can't see how anyone watching would want to vote for anyone else.


LD Jackson said...

The GOP convention was a success, I believe. We learned a lot about who Mitt Romney really is, about the kind of man he really is. I thought Romney's speech was good, borderline great. He may not be a Ronald Reagan, but he pulled it off nicely. If I wasn't excited to vote for him before, I am now.

Always On Watch said...

Some are criticizing Eastwood's presentation. But I loved it! He's a crusty old fart, yet has appeal across several age groups.

I confidently say the following: No way on the planet can Obama get the kinds of testimonials that Mitt Romney has.

I thought that Romney's speech got off to a slow start (I loved his entrance into the convention center, though). But once Romney hit his stride in that speech, he was excellent.

Can it be that it may be "morning in America" with the Romney-Ryan team? Maybe.

But sure as hell it will not be morning in America under the Obama regime.

Stogie Chomper said...

LD, well said! You describe my feelings also.

Stogie Chomper said...

AOW, Eastwood's presentation was impromptu, and I also loved it. Of course, the liberal media will pan it.