Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Romney Needs to Get Off His Ass and Fight

Any man or woman who seeks the Republican nomination has a duty:  he must do everything possible to win the general election.  A less than full effort is a betrayal to the people who nominated him in the first place.

Now we have another fine "gentleman" in Mitt Romney, who is just above all the nastiness.  Yes, a man in a fine suit with Emily Post manners who never gets his hair mussed is just too elegant to dirty himself with tactics that actually win.  That worked so well with John McCain, didn't it?

Now the pot-smoking radical college sophomore, one Barack Obama, is ready to mud-wrestle:  he's accused Romney of killing a woman (a brazen lie) and has stated that Bain Capital, where Romney worked, was funded through terrorist drug money!  The claims are so absurd that they belong in Mad Magazine rather than the New York Times.  Romney's milque-toast response (delivered by one Andrea Schull) to the "killed woman" (who died of cancer):  "Well if she had lived in Massachusetts, she would have had medical care."

Brilliant!  The Romney camp's response was to issue an argument for Obamacare!  ("Du-u-uhh, what town am I in?  What day is it?")

The truth is that Mrs. Soptic was diagnosed with cancer and died very soon thereafter.  Her diagnosis came too late.  No amount of free medical care would have saved her.

Mitt Romney needs to launch an effective counter-attack.  Right now he seems weak, ineffective and out of touch, like a Sunday School preacher invited to a cock fight.

WAKE UP ROMNEY.  It is time to mount an effective strategy and counterattack to WIN.  It wouldn't hurt to find a good VP candidate as well.  Time is of the essence!


LD Jackson said...

Mitt Romney is a different kind of candidate. He is more measured in his responses than most would be. Having said that, it is far past the point where he needs to start slinging the dirt at Obama. He needs to realize that no matter what he says or does on the campaign trail, Obama is going to misrepresent and lie about him and his record. That should be recognized as a gospel truth. Therefore, he might as well get his hands dirty and fight this fire. Lord knows he should have plenty of ammunition with which to fight.

Stogie Chomper said...

Larry, you make good points. Let's hope Romney isn't too measured in his reponses; he needs to tell the awful truth about Barack Obama and why Obama is a disaster for the economy and the nation.