Monday, August 06, 2012

Sikh Temple Shooter Identified (Photos)

The dead shooter of the Wisconsin Sikh Temple has been identified as one Wade Michael Page, a 40 year old former Army soldier.  Apparently, he was a member of some sort of White Supremacist gang.  His motivation in shooting the Sikhs appears to be that they were just the wrong color for his tastes.

Page was a guitar player in a band called "End Apathy." found their photos and logos on MySpace, and two of them are posted here.  The "End Apathy" graphics display a desire to beat up brown people and then to "self-destruct."  The first image shows a white fist smashing into a brown face, with the captions "Definite Hate" and "Violent Victory."  The second image shows a dead skinhead, festooned with tattoos, lying dead in a gutter, a police car nearby.

Apparently, Page followed his own propaganda to the letter:  attacked brown people and self-destructed in the process.  This was clearly a "suicide by cop" by an extremist who wanted to go out killing people he hated.

Page's "End Apathy" Myspace page is still up, and you can listen to "End Apathy" music there if you so desire.  The link is here.


Liberty At'Stake said...

Why hasn't the MSM connected this psychopath to the TEA Party yet? Morale must be declining amongst the corrupt and biased liberal media.

Stogie Chomper said...

Liberty, I'm sure they would connect him to the Right if they could. The Left's ongoing project is to convince the American public that we on the Right are extremists who are perpetually in a state of rage and hatred against nearly everyone. They have developed lying to a fine art form.

ooberman said...

As a liberal, I am amazed at your anger and hatred for phantoms. "The Left" as you characterize them are based on small groups of extreme fringe groups. The game goes like this: "we" attack your fringe and claim it's the "secret desire of all of "your kind", and you do the same. (Like the stupid photoshopped picture of the "obama supporter for socialism and against capitalism" you have on your site.) However, rational people see it for what it is: you are fearful and hateful of people who are also fearful and hateful. In reality, Lefties are average, good, decent people... just like most Righties. The demonizing of "the enemy" is an age old game. Most people don't give it any truck, but some people response to fear tactics. You, for example.