Friday, August 03, 2012

Harry Reid: Slimy, Unethical, Pathetic Little Man

I have often noted Harry Reid's utter sliminess as a human being.  He's a ruthless liar, a bitter little man.  He told lies about Rush Limbaugh some time back.  Rush had denounced "phony soldiers," referring to the several leftists who never served in the armed forces, but pretended they did for political reasons.  In other words, they lied -- must be a thing with Democrats.  Reid tried to create a false public impression that Rush had denounced real soldiers, and disingenuously wrote a letter to Rush's employer demanding that Rush be forced to issue a public apology for demeaning the armed services!

It was typical Democrat demagoguery, a dishonest and ruthless misrepresentation of the facts.  Reid hoped to create another Democrat fake scandal, knowing full well the true facts all the time.  The little man's scheme blew up on him and he fooled no one.

Now Harry Reid's telling lies about Mitt Romney.  "Someone" told him that Romney "hasn't paid taxes for ten years."  The only person who could know Romney's tax situation would be his accountant, and an accountant is sworn to secrecy about such matters.

Harry Reid is a senator from Nevada because of the powerful unions there who support such trash.

I don't have to create any new Photoshops of this small-minded creep.  Here are some I have created in the past . Use them if you like.

Sorry for the crude lingo in the second image, but it so perfectly sums up Harry Reid's worth to humanity.


LD Jackson said...

I find it hard to even be civil about Harry Reid. He is only trying to stir up trouble and smear Mitt Romney's character.

Stogie Chomper said...

Larry, I don't even try. Reid is so utterly uncivil and dishonest that he deserves no respect.

Adamxbxe said...

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