Thursday, November 02, 2006

Associated Press Shills For Democrats

Read this brazenly partisan and biased reporting from the Associated (with terrorists) Press:
WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush, campaigner in chief for a party in peril, set out on a rescue mission for embattled candidates in the unlikeliest of places Thursday as Republicans struggled to minimize their losses in next week's elections...
Five days before the election, Democratic strategists said none of their incumbents in either house of Congress was trailing - and Republicans did not disagree.

The GOP side of the political ledger was far less positive. Strategists already have
written off the re-election prospects of incumbent Sens. Rick Santorum in
Pennsylvania and Mike DeWine in Ohio, as well as six or more seats in GOP hands
in the House. Dozens more Republican lawmakers - powerbrokers and ackbenchers,
conservatives and moderates - struggled to survive in a campaign shadowed by the
war in Iraq and scandal at home.

The Democrat strategy is obviously to be optimistic and upbeat so Dems will go to the polls and vote pro-terrorist next week, because they are against the war in Iraq and because of "scandal at home."

The last bit about "scandal at home" is particularly dishonest and nothing more than a talking point, a manufactured "controversy" to influence the election. What scandals? You mean like the Democrat who hid $90,000 in bribe money in his freezer? No, they mean the "scandal" of the gay Republican who sent instant messages to former pages. That is a scandal of the particular Congressman, but not of the Republican Party. The Democrats and their cheerleaders in the mainstream press have been trying to create a false aura of "scandal" surrounding the Republican Party for several years now - they call it "the Party of Corruption," but it simply isn't true and they know it.

As for a "party in peril," it is clearly the Democrats who are in sharp decline. Traditionally, the party out of power picks ups something like 34 congressional seats in the sixth off-year elections and 6 seats in the Senate (see Ann Coulter's column today, linked at the right of the page). The Dems may pick up six seats in the House and a few in the Senate, but what they would normally pick up is way below par. Why?

Why is because, as Coulter so accurately nails it, is that the Democratic Party if a frivolous and dying party without any major causes that resonate with voters. Not surprisingly, their major propagandists in the mainstream media are also in sharp decline, laying off many workers amidst declining revenues and readers.

May the Dems and the MSM soon lay side by side in the graveyard of history. Personally, I will shed no tears for either one.

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