Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Cinnamon Stillwell Continues to Impress

Cinnamon Stillwell is a rising star in the realm of conservative journalism, a young Jewish woman from San Francisco who was a flaming liberal until 9/11, when as we like to say, "she was mugged by reality." With the Twin Towers destroyed and thousands dead from Muslim terrorism, Cinnamon changed her mind. Suddenly the necessity for a strong defense and the dubious value of multicultuarlism became apparent. She soon became a conservative and began writing political columns on Chronwatch, a conservative website that was organized to track and refute the liberal bias of the San Francisco Chronicle.

Cinnamon was an early adherent of citizen journalism, and since she lives in the belly of the beast, i.e. extreme leftwing San Francisco, she had an opportunity to view leftist intolerance and hypocrisy first hand and to describe it in her articles. She left her amateur status behind when, an online publication of the San Francisco Chronicle, noticed her and hired her to write regular columns. Some of her writing was also picked up by David Horowitz's site, and has been cited by Michelle Malkin, Robert Spencer and other noted journalists. Recently, she was interviewed by KSFO, 560 AM (conservative talk radio), by Melanie Morgan and friends. I heard her on the way to work and she was calm, smooth and professional on the radio. UPDATE: Cinnamon has informed me she is also contributing editor to, another paying gig. Check it out.

Today I checked one of my favorite conservative websites for news,, and noted that they had listed her latest article as one to read today. Another honor, another professional confirmation of the value of Cinnamon's work.

Her latest article deals with the mob rule that now exists on college campuses, effectively bullying and shouting down anyone who dares to attempt to voice an alternative opinion to leftwing extremism. It is a must read. Read it here.


Anonymous said...

From what I've seen, Ms. Stillwell's writings are typically of weak argument, vicious without purpose, and lacking substance.

Stogie said...

And from what I've seen, your comment is an ambiguous insult with no specifics or any facts to support it. So it would appear that you are describing yourself.