Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Fatuous Wimpoid Known as John Kerry

Check out Michelle Malkin's blog today, Drudge Report or Little Green Footballs. They have a picture of a bunch of Marines holding up a sign that reads "Halp us Jon Carry - we r stuk hear in Irak."

John Kerry is a fatuous blowhard, a phony, an empty suit, a balloon filled with hot air and nothing else.

This coward served three months in Vietnam as the captain of a swift boat, recommended himself for three purple hearts, all of which were dubious, as well as a bronze star and a silver star for his daring exploits (he typed them up himself, describing valorous exploits that never happened or were greatly exaggerated). As soon as he got his last purple heart, he asked to be sent back to the states for his egregious wounds. Since the swift boats were running out of bandaids, they agreed.

When John F Coward returned to the States, he became a willing tool of the Marxist Communists, arranging false testimony of "Vietnam veterans" (actually, drugged out hippies who never served) before the Church Committee, alleging horrendous war crimes against the Vietnamese. Not satisfied with that, John F Coward tried to meet with North Vietnamese officials in Paris before the peace talks, an act of treason.

I suspect that if someone pricked this asshole in the butt with a pin, he would make a sound like a long, drawn-out fart and fly rapidly and haphazardly away into the sky.

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