Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Save the West: Get Someone Pregnant Today!

Well my wild ride courtesy of Mark Steyn is slowing down. Thanks for all the hits, Mark.

I finished Mark's book, "America Alone" last night. This book really should be required reading for everyone in the West (USA, Canada and Europe). We are committing cultural and demographic suicide and it's time we did something to reverse those trends.

There is some good news: Red State (conservative) citizens reproduce faster than do the inhabitants of Blue States and big liberal cities. Religious families are generally bigger than non-religious families. Perhaps we conservatives can bury the liberals over time through our birth rates. I doubt it though: even conservative birth rates are in decline, just not as fast.

One of the most interesting points of "America Alone" is that socialism really dampens human reproduction. Seven of the eight countries with the lowest birth rates were all members of the Soviet Union. Communism made life so miserable that its inhabitants just stopped reproducing. Who would want to raise children in such a hell hole?

Ah, now that they are free they can "get busy" again, hey? No, unfortunately, once a people stops giving birth they apparently find it difficult to get back in the groove.

Save the West folks. Throw out your condoms and your television set. Do your duty - you may be saving civilization as we know it and it sure beats the hell out of war. A lot more fun too.

Oh horrors, I just realized the San Francisco Hippies of 1968 were right after all! They said we should "Make Love Not War."

Smoking that funny stuff is not a prerequisite, however.

As Nike says, Just Do It.

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