Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Jesus, Prophet of Islam

Pamela at Atlas Shrugs ran a picture today that showed women Muslim protesters in Turkey, picketing the Pope’s visit. They were carrying a sign that said “Jesus was not Son of God. He was a Prophet of Islam.”

How do they know this? Because their desert cutthroat Prophet Mohammed told them so. Mo was surprised to learn that the Bible did not foretell his coming and concluded that the Jews and Christians had conspired to delete all the passages about him. They did this because they were jealous of him, the sneaky rats. Mo was not only the “Seal of the Prophets,” he was also the world’s first conspiracy theorist.

Imagine the editing of the New Testament this must have required. The Christian conspirators had to take out all those parts about beheading infidels, raping widows and enslaving orphans and replace them with some really absurd stories. Jesus raising the dead, turning water into wine, preaching love thy neighbor are clear fabrications of the original Muslim verses. Actually, Jesus “razed the dead,” turned water into whine and preached love thy neighbor’s WIFE, after you’ve beheaded the bastard and stolen his booty.

Yes, once the conspirators knew they had to discredit the Greatest of the Prophets (Mohammed, dontcha know) they then set about collecting every bible in the world, every ancient scroll fragment (of which there are tens of thousands) and then edit them. It’s true – Jews invented whiteout for this purpose, in papyrus color so it would blend.

Then after all of the tens of thousands of bibles and scrolls and parchment fragments were edited by these skilled forgers, they had to be returned to the original owners, churches, synagogues, caves and archaeological sites before anyone noticed they were gone. That was because they knew archaeologists would be digging them up for centuries to come and it was important that Mohammed’s name and teachings be edited out.

These Christian and Jewish conspirators were devilishly clever. Today it is literally impossible to find a single bible, scroll or parchment fragment that foretells Mohammed’s coming as the Great and Final Prophet, or proclaims his teachings, what we like to call the three Bs: beheadings, booty and more booty. Booty comes in two types, treasure booty and women’s booty (as in shake your booty). This was a massive undertaking to be sure, and only proves how fanatical the Jewish/Christian cabal is in its Islamophobia.

So to those women Muslim protestors I say, you go girls. Shake your booty.

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