Saturday, August 08, 2009

Health Care Mobs Are Out of Control!

This week has been especially illumintating about our Thug-In-Chief. People are worried and upset about the TIC's attempt to seize the health care industry. And for good reason.
Many, if not most of those attending the Town Halls are senior citizens. They have health care issues and health care plans to deal with them. They don't want that messed with in the final third of their lives.

So Democrats, Republicans and independents show up at the so-called Town Hall meetings to angrily voice their concerns. They know that socialized medicine, like that in the U.K., France and Canada, require rationing of health care and long waits for critical operations. If you're obese or old or a smoker, you may just be told to take a pain pill and wait for the grim reaper because you aren't worth the "investment."

The public anger is reaching the boiling point and the Democrats are trying to spin it or suppress it. The Thug-In-Chief has ordered his myrmidons to "punch back twice as hard." The TIC's followers hear and obey, showing up in St. Louis to severely beat a black conservative, Kenneth Gladney, who was merely handing out yellow "Don't Tread on Me" flags to people attending.

If you are paying through the nose for health care now, after Obamacare you will still be paying through the nose. Obamacare doesn't address the greatest factor in the raging costs of health care: runaway litigation. Attorneys are a major Democrat constituent. Tort reform would suppress lawyer raiding of insurance treasuries. That in turn would lower the huge liability insurance premiums doctors now have to pay. (Paying $100,000 or more per year is not uncommon.) However, the Dems need the attorneys' backing and their votes, so will not address tort reform.

Yes, under Obamacare you will still be paying through the nose, but you will no longer get the same benefits. The health care you are paying for will no longer be yours. It will be the government's to give away to others as they see fit.

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