Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Lefty Alaskan Bloggers Use Kindergarten Kids as Props in Palin Controversy

Jeanne Devon of leftist Alaskan blog, The Mudflats, is up to her usual mendacity. Sarah Palin is on the verge of suing Jesse Griffin of the "Immoral Minority" for publishing a false story about the Palins divorcing. Palin's attorney sent Griffin a letter asking him if he would rather be served with a summons at home or at work, giving Griffin a choice. However, the lefty Alaskan bloggers have seized on that to scream that Palin's attorney is going to serve Griffin right in front of the kindergartners that he teaches.
Devious Devon has posted an article on her blog today called "Leave the Kids Alone!" It is a transparent attempt at misdirection, to turn the public conversation about the misdeeds of Griffin in a different direction, painting the Palin team as child abusers and transforming Griffin from culprit to victim. She writes:
...the “leaving kids alone” philosophy shouldn’t be applied too broadly, according to the Palins. The latest dastardly deed from Palin lawyer and Snidely Whiplash Wannabee, Thomas Van Flein, involves bringing down the iron-fisted, pointy-knuckled wrath of Sarah Palin in front of…(wait for it)… a classroom full of five-year-olds.
Like most everything Devon publishes on her blog, it is thoroughly dishonest and Machiavellian. For one thing, the lawsuit would not be served by the attorney himself; they use independent third party process servers for that task. This is so the server can later testify that the summons was indeed served, should the defendant dispute it. The process server has no stake in the case one way or the other.

For another thing, school hasn't started yet, so if Griffin is at work, there won't be any kids there. Even if there were, the lawsuit would not be served on him in the middle of the classroom. He would be called out of class, probably by the principal, to be served away from the kids. Serving a summons merely consists of handing a sealed envelope to the person served, that's it. It isn't necessary, for example, to tackle the servee and smack him in the jaw while screaming profanities.

The false picture that the PDS* bloggers are trying to paint is ridiculous on its face -- that the Palin attorney is going to barge unannounced into a kindergarten class and hand a summons to Griffin, somehow terrorizing the kindergartners in the process. Pathetic.

*PDS stands for Palin Derangement Syndrome

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