Thursday, August 06, 2009

R.S. McCain Winds Up His Investigation of Jesse Griffin

R.S. McCain of the Other McCain wound up his investigation of Jesse Griffin today and moved on to other reporting projects. His post on the subject "Of Moonbats and Minions" is here.
The result of the investigation can be summarized thus:
1. The "Palin Divorce" smear started by Jesse Griffin and Denniz Zaki is and was completely false.

2. Jesse Griffin is an egregious liar. Apparently as a result of McCain's and Riehl's disclosures about Griffin -- his public lies, his sexually explicit, profanity-filled website, Griffin is no longer employed as a Teacher's Assistant at an Anchorage kindergarten.

3. Dennis Zaki is a "clueless Bozo," per McCain and that's hard to argue with. I personally would describe Whacky Zaki as an incompetent journalist who is both ruthless and reckless about printing false information that is damaging to others.

The most important thing about this Griffin affair is that it FINALLY fires a needed shot across the bow of the gaggle of Alaskan PDS bloggers who are obsessed with the personal destruction of Sarah Palin. Those bloggers include Jesse Griffin, Jeanne Devon, Linda Kellen Biegel and Shannyn Moore -- obnoxious liars, all.

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