Thursday, August 13, 2009

Resistance to Obama Is Clearly Racism

My wife and I are getting older. I'm in great health but my wife is not: thyroid problems, problem heart, diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol that is off the charts. Our medical insurance runs about $1,000 a month, but we are happy with the service it provides. We also get a big break on prescription drugs through our HMO. This is good because my wife swallows more pills in a day than Timothy Leary.

Now with wifey's somewhat fragile health, we are not real enthusiastic about the chaos, red tape and expected government snafus during the changeover from what works to what is highly dubious. If you've ever dealt with the government on anything, you can appreciate the feeling. They're a monopoly; they have power to act arbitrarily; they are insensitive to your needs and could care less if you don't like the service. After all, you can't take your business elsewhere.

However, we have been outted by one Kathleen Parker who has shown our opposition for what it is, pure racism. Ann Coulter has the story. She writes:
The latest fake insider/whistleblower is Kathleen Parker, the Barry Lynn of the South. Fresh off her mainstream media tour as a Sarah Palin-hating "conservative," Parker is now a self-proclaimed Southerner blaming opposition to Obama's policies on the region's reputed racism.
Racism?? Naive me, I thought I opposed Obama because I'm afraid of him really screwing things up. Now I know, it must be because I'm a raging bigot.

The truth: Many Americans don't support the policies of a trendy campus radical with a bumper sticker ideology who has never run so much as a lemonade stand, to take over the economy and impose socialism on us. Socialism: you may know it by its other names, i.e. scarcity, poverty, rationing, astronomical taxes, raging inflation, heavy-handed government regulation and ultimately, national bankruptcy.

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Of course, if Obama were a WHITE socialist, we'd say "Sign me up!" You see, we don't mind scarcity, rationing, poverty, despotism and despair, as long as the boot on our neck belongs to a white guy.

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