Tuesday, September 29, 2009

If you just HAVE to visit "Little Green Footballs," here's the way to do it

If you have to visit "Little Green Footballs," there is a way to do it without incrementing Crackpot Charley's hit counter or increasing his Google or Alexa ratings.  Here's how:

1.  Go to www.Google.com.

2.  Type this in the search window:  cache:littlegreenfootballs.com
     Then press the "Google Search" button.  A very recent cached version of LGF will come up.

For users of Google Chrome browser the procedure can be done as above, or alternatively, in one simple step:  just type cache:littlegreenfootballs.com in your browser window and hit enter and the cached site will come up.

This will give you the cache (or saved) copy of Little Green Footballs.  You can read it, play any videos provided, all without giving Crackpot Charley any web credit for the visit.  If you must link to an LGF article, link to the cached version.  This will deny Charley any additional traffic.

I read LGF only rarely now as it has little to say that I consider important.  However, when I do, I will use the cache method described above.  You do it too.

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