Sunday, September 13, 2009

Robert Stacy McCain: I Know Him Better Than Charles Johnson Does

This week Robert Stacy McCain of "The Other McCain" was denounced as a "White Supremacist" by Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs.  Over the past year or so Johnson appears to be undergoing some kind of mental breakdown:  he has renounced previous conservative allies like Michelle Malkin, Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer.  Read through his blog and see for yourself:  the tone seems nearly hysterical, like a conspiracy nut trying desperately to convince the world of his irrational world view.
Stacy, as his friends like to call him, has written three rebuttals to Johnson:

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has slimed Stacy in the past, just as they have libeled other conservatives, with the "racist" or "white supremacist" label, including David Horowitz and Michelle Malkin.  Stacy says he will not write about how this all came about unless he is paid to do so.  However, I know some of the back story that few others do, because I went through it with Stacy.

In the 1990's we were involved in heritage groups dedicated to refuting and rebutting Yankee historians and modern day enemies over what the Southern Confederacy was and what it means to us.  We were both members of a heritage group, the League of the South, that has also subsequently been slimed by the SPLC.  

Stacy and I were involved in online discussions (aka "the great listserv debates") with a large group of interested people and, of course, the issue of race and race relations came up and was hotly debated.  Should blacks, Jews and others be allowed into our fold?  Stacy, I and others said, "absolutely!"  There were some bigots in the group who wanted to add a racial component to our movement but Stacy (and I and others) strenuously opposed it.  Stacy was an outspoken leader of the non-racist faction; he denounced racism as dishonorable and wrong.  We fought the bigots together and took a lot of heat for our stand.  Nevertheless, a New York Press reporter named Michaelangelo Signorile misattributed another's comments on interracial marriage to McCain.  These errors were subsequently picked up by other bloggers (as well as the SPLC) and spread.  Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs is the most recent purveyor of these falsehoods.
AllExperts, an online encyclopedia, corrects the record, noting:
Signorile claimed McCain had posted this to a site called Reclaiming the South. In fact, that site is maintained by [White Supremacist] Dennis Wheeler, who posted emails by McCain, George Kalas, Gary Waltrip and others, from a debate on a private email list. McCain, Kalas, Waltrip, et al., strongly criticized Wheeler's efforts to get the League of the South (then known as the Southern League) to adopt Wheeler's own white separatist views. McCain wrote of such racial views: "[W]e should not stomach the promulgation of odious and hateful doctrines. We must reject all such doctrines. The truth is not in them." 
Despite McCain's protests about the errors in Signorile's column [2], the errors continued to be repeated by other bloggers, some of whom further falsely attributed to McCain words written by League of the South president Michael Hill. [3]
One of the subjects discussed in the above debates was the book "The Bell Curve," which purported to show that blacks had a lower average IQ than other racial groups.  Stacy refused to believe it, saying he did not believe that God would do such a thing to black people.  In fact, he brought up other authors and books to refute the Bell Curve.  If that's "racism" I'll eat my Confederate flag.

In fact, if Robert Stacy McCain is a "racist" or "white supremacist," I will personally show up on Charles Johnson's doorstep and kiss his ass with a loud, slobbery smack.  

Robert Stacy McCain is a fine man of outstanding character and hasn't a trace of racism or white-supremacist philosophy anywhere in his soul.  I know, because I knew him and worked with him long before most of you ever heard his name.  He has consistently supported racial equality and opposed race hatred. 

Charles Johnson, whatever else he may be or believe, is a reckless and careless reporter.  He deserves no credibility whatsoever.

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