Friday, September 25, 2009

Robert Stacy McCain: "I have never advocated, endorsed or supported" racism

Over the last couple of weeks Robert S. McCain has been vigorously smeared as a "racist" and "white supremacist."  These smears were mostly disseminated  by the libel blogger Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs, as well as one of his chief acolytes, Kejda Gjermani.

Today R.S. McCain denies any connection to racism, white supremacy or white separatism and gives some insights into how the Big Smear was started and propagated.   He explains in his post "Is It True What They Say About Stacy McCain?"  In an email to a commenter's question, he explained:
What often puzzles my left-wing adversaries is this: Despite all of these false smears on my good name, yet I continue to succeed as a journalist. This has at times caused people to accuse those who employ me of being complicit in some hateful doctrine -- call it "racism" or whatever -- that I am sure I've never advocated, endorsed or supported. The reason I continue to be employed however, is for my knowledge and skill as a researcher, writer, reporter and editor, and not for any mere opinion on any particular subject.
Something else, sir: PEOPLE KNOW ME. If I were a Klan/Nazi type, surely this would have come to someone's attention by now. What has happened, rather, is a this-that-and-the-other sort of recycling of the same familiar accusations, like the one you asked me about. Because people who know me understand that I am not a racial "supremacist" or "separatist" -- I have no theory or doctrine and am certainly no more "racist" than you are -- they do not allow themselves to be fooled or frightened into thinking that I live a secret double-life: Mild-mannered Clark Kent who ducks into a phone booth and emerges with the incredible superpowers of AryanMan!
It's a great post.  Read it all here.

However, be forewarned:  nothing that McCain can say will ever convince Crackpot Charley of LGF or his toadie Kedja Gjermani.  Their minds are made up.  They are one small, encircled enclave of the pure and righteous, surrounded on all sides by mythical Klansmen, Neo-Nazis, fascists and racist, snaggle-toothed hillbillies in overalls, spitting chewing tobacco, hoisting stone jugs of moonshine and smoking corncob pipes.

Actually, that last part about hillbillies sounds kind of fun (minus the racism, of course).

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