Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Republicans and Democrats Merge Into a Mega-Party of Big Government. Time for Survivalist Mode?

Republicans have just approved another Obama budget with enormous deficit spending over the next two years.  The GOP is a fraud.  They are in the tank with the Democrats, and their alleged opposition to Democrat policies is a fairy tale.

We have entered a survivalist mode for conservatives.  Real conservatives, not cuckservatives who talk the talk but then screw the pooch.  Survivalist mode is more than a political strategy, it is a strategy for physical survival.  That means underground bunkers, stores of food and water, guns (pistols and rifles) and ammunition, and other supplies.  It also means militias, networks of survivalists, planned coordinated action with like-minded others.   Threats must be identified and planned for, such as the coming Islamization of America through massive immigration, the federal government's attempts to confiscate guns, the coming economic ruin caused by massive debt and wealth redistribution, and the riots that will follow.  Cities will burn and widespread looting will appear.

Look at the photo of the cockroach known as John Boehner, sucking up to Obama.  Does this look like a man who opposes Obama's dismantling of the Constitution?  No, this is the photo of a dedicated collaborator.  Boehner looks like he is about to kiss Obama's cheek.  He leaves the Speakership at the end of this month, but is doing everything he can to help Obama and the Democrats before he does.

I don't speak for anyone but myself.  However, it seems to me that the Republican Party is lost, hopelessly compromised, greatly ineffective at stopping the statist advance.  My once strong loyalty to the GOP is gone.  My vote is up for grabs.  I would love to see a serious, third political party.

In the coming elections of 2016, I will vote for the Republican nominee if he is Ted Cruz, Donald Trump or Ben Carson.  If anyone else, I will probably vote for Third Party candidate Jim Webb.

What will you do?

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