Monday, October 26, 2015

Unhealthy Trends: A Nation of Girly-Men

There seems to be an all-out assault on masculinity these days, by the sick cultural and political forces that erode our civilization.  ROTC students are forced to march around campus in red, high-heel shoes, or wear a pregnancy pouch.  Military standards are lowered to allow women into the Marines, and there is talk of allowing "transgenders" to openly serve in the military.  That means male soldiers in dresses.  Cute.  Quaint.

In short, the whole emphasis of our political and cultural transformation is to make us a genderless society, where men and women are interchangeable (think "Caitlyn" Jenner), and we become a mindless army of preprogrammed robots who never stand out or differ from one another, in any way.  We will look the same, dress the same, vote the same and most importantly, think the same.  When Democrats talk about equality, they are advocating equality in every possible extreme, even that which seems to contradict nature.

Perhaps we should adopt the blue unisex civilian uniforms that the Chinese used to wear back in the 1970s.  Only when the human race has been transmogrified into ants, will the elitists be satisfied.

God, I hate what we are becoming as a nation.

Also see Fred Reed's "Wimp Nation"

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