Friday, October 23, 2015

The Murder of Western Civilization

Tens of thousands of Muslim men are invading much of western Europe, allegedly refugees from violence in their Islamic countries.  Many observers believe that these immigrants are really an invading force, with the end goal being the Islamization of Western Civilization.  I agree with these observers.

However, the fools who run Germany and Great Britain have been welcoming these invaders, completely complicit in the cultural destruction and future ruination of their own nations.  The German leader Angela Merkel is especially culpable.  There is strong opposition to this Islamization by the people of the U.K. and Germany, but it is dangerous to openly state it.  These countries are no longer free nations:  you can be arrested and jailed for criticizing Islam, or suggesting that the religion and culture are incompatible with western values.

If these leftwing leaders wanted to purposely destroy Western Civilization, what would they do differently than what they are doing now?

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