Friday, October 16, 2015

California Bans "Redskins" as a School Mascot

California is the first state to ban the mascot name "Redskins" in public schools.  Assemblyman Luis Alejo presented the bill, which was signed by Governor Brown this week.

Schools with the mascot name "Redskins" will have until January 2017 to change their mascot name and eradicate "Redskins" from school uniforms, buildings and other mentions.

According to the Lance Newspaper of Hollister, California, there are four California high schools using the "Redskins" name.  One of them, Gustine High School, has used the name for 80 years, and has the name implanted in the floor of their gym.  It will be an expensive proposition for them to change all school uniforms and redo the gym floor.

Tough buns.  The Nanny State of California knows best, and as usual, liberals find their greatest accomplishments in what they ban, forbid and suppress -- and not what they allow.  Government is force, and nowhere else in America is that premise better illustrated in California -- land of budding fascism and vanishing freedom.

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