Saturday, July 07, 2012

897 Hits To Go and Other Thoughts

I have several gadgets in my left sidebar that count hits, but the oldest of these is StatCounter, which has been installed almost from the first post here at Saber Point.  It now reads 999,103 hits, so I should reach the one million mark by Monday.

I am sitting in my back yard enjoying a cigar and feeling quite relaxed.  Some good things happened this week.

--Brett Kimberlin was defeated in a Maryland court by Aaron Walker,who had been sued by Kimberlin in an effort to shut Walker up.  A disastrously wrong verdict had been rendered in the first trial by an apparently incompetent, retired judge.  Walker had been prohibited to blog about Kimberlin for six months, and was arrested and handcuffed in court, then temporarily jailed for breaking the judge's unconstitutional order against free speech and in favor of prior restraint.  A new judge reversed it all and cleared Walker, allowing him to blog about Kimberlin until the cows come home -- a very satisfying outcome.

--Obama's campaign is desperate for money and appears to be failing as his poll numbers continue to drop, suggesting that we may be rid of this Neo-Bolshevik come November.

--I've had steady work since January, though the pay is a pittance compared to what I made before the 2008 crash; still, the work is satisfying, adds a lot to my resume and chases away the blues.  It is nice to be productive once again.  The work will slow or stop after July, but that's okay too, so I can get reacquainted with my neglected string bass, work on my continuing education requirement and plot my next career move, which now involves more than just finding a convenient bridge to live under.

This past week I began work on the audit of a San Francisco taxi cab company, one that is pretty famous, and have been working in San Francisco proper.  I love that kind of work.

--My youngest son brought home his girl to meet the parents, a hopeful sign that there may be more grandkids in my future.  She is a lovely, young Korean woman, a U.C. grad like my son, and they have much in common.

--This same son closed escrow on his first home, a condominium in Los Angeles.  It's small, but it's his, and now he has his own place to hang his hat after work.

In September I plan to resume my study of the Spanish language at a local community college.  That may not earn me any dinero, but it is an intellectually challenging pursuit.

Then in November, I get to vote for Mitt Romney, not my first choice by any means, but "anyone but Obama" is the watchword here.


LD Jackson said...

Wow, you play bass? So do I, although not a string bass. (I think you mean an upright bass, so correct me if I am wrong.) I play a Peavey Dyna-Bass, mostly in church and a few weddings.

Glad to hear you are getting some work. That's good news. Thanks again for the new banner you created for my site. It really sets it off.

Stogie Chomper said...

Larry, you are more than welcome. I also play a Fender Mustang bass (bass guitar).