Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Batman's "Killer Finale" Gaffe; Copycat Killers?

Entertainment magazine's feature story was on the new Batman movie.  It's cover page sports a picture of Batman with the title "Batman's Killer Finale."  Of course, they intended "killer" to mean excellent, but in light of the theater massacre last week, the literal meaning of the word produced a shocking result.  See photo of the magazine cover.

Police stopped one man in Maine for speeding.  His car was heavy with guns and ammo and newspaper clippings of Holmes' theater romp.  Uh oh, now he gets his own cozy cell for awhile, pending an investigation.

There were several other nervous incidents yesterday and the day before, involving "The Dark Knight Rises."  Generally, they involve some fool making bad jokes or carelessly alluding to the Colorado massacre in an effort to be either cool or intimidating.  A confrontation in one theater resulted in 50 patrons fleeing the theater in fear.  Read about it here.

Everyone seems afraid of copycat killers, the psychopaths who want to be celebrities like Holmes, and so may try to duplicate his evil deed.  I think I'll wait until the movie comes out on DVD.


namaste said...

waiting. not a bad idea, stogie. what a crazy world.

Stogie said...

You said it, Namaste! Great to hear from you.

viewster said...

I have already watched the movie twice, and I'm going for my third!