Thursday, July 19, 2012

"Confederate Gray" Blog Goes Online

My crummy week is almost over and I haven't blogged at all.  What time  I had after work was creating a new blog called "Confederate Gray."  I so enjoyed my last exchange (see prior post) with commenters that I decided to start a blog that focuses on the War for Southern Independence.  It is a major personal interest, since my great grandfather and his older brother both fought for the South with the Alabama Cavalry.

So how relevant is the WSI (War for Southern Independence) today?  Pretty relevant, I'd say.  There are some close parallels.  The Northern states who defied the Constitution and the laws in 1860 are similar to Barack Obama defying the Constitution and the laws today (by refusing to enforce federal immigration laws).    For Southerners of that time period, Lincoln's election was the last straw in what they saw as a long train of abuses.  If Obama is re-elected, I will see that as the last straw; however, not being a state myself, I won't secede.  I will, however, urge actual states to do so.

In any case, if interested, check out the new blog.  It is Confederate Gray.  If you are a Yankee, you may not like it.

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