Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Wonder of Diversity (Gag)

Via View From the Right, I read the most absurd paean to "adversity"  "diversity" and "multiculturalism" ever.  Some thoroughly brainwashed woman in Canada writes:
Now in 2012, as shocking as it may sound, St. Albert children are missing out. Living in this city may bring them parks, recreation, the arts, events, safety and education, but it doesn’t bring them the practice of inclusion. They don’t see colour on the faces of their school friends. They seldom taste the flavour of foods from other countries. They don’t recognize the scent of sweetgrass, nor hold the hand of a child with different skin tone. They don’t hear the melody of different languages. Their senses have missed out on the joy of diversity.
Now my family is everything this woman pretends to want, but our "diversity" has happened naturally over time, and no one makes a big deal of it.  No one sought out "diversity," or tried to unnaturally import it (as this Canadian does).  To us, diversity exists in superficial things like skin color or eye shape, but no one pretends that such differences give us or our kids some huge cultural advantage.  We don't "celebrate diversity" as much as we just ignore it.  Yes, I often hear the "melody" of different languages, but I think the word "cacophony" fits the bill better than "melody."  (Our family speaks English, Tagalog and Spanish).  I do enjoy many different kinds of food, however, I would not want to base a nation's immigration policy on such superficial considerations.

If you want to read the rest of this saccharine piece, go here.  Keep barf bags handy.

Just for the record:
1.  I have a Filipina wife, married 36 years.
2.  I have a half-Filipino son.
3.  I have a Japanese sister-in-law.
4.  I have a Chinese sister-in-law.
5.  I have a half Chinese niece (who is very beautiful).
6.  I have a half-Hispanic nephew
7.  I have (by marriage) a Nicaraguan niece who speaks fluent Spanish.
8.  The above hispanic relatives have four children who are 3/4 hispanic (my grand nephews/nieces?  Whatever).
9.  I have a mulatto niece (through my sister).
10.  I have two Korean grandchildren (adopted).
11.  I have more nephews and nieces that I can count who are Amerasian (half Caucasian, half Asian).  They are gorgeous and very bright kids, some of whom will soon be in college.

Will I be getting a medal marked "Hero of the Revolution" anytime soon?

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