Thursday, September 10, 2015

Donald Trump's Worst Enemy: Himself. Wise Up, Donald!

Donald Trump
I have been supporting Donald Trump's candidacy over all others.  I like how he is bitch-slapping the GOP establishment, the go-along Vichy Republicans who are the willing bitches of the Democratic Party.  However, Trump has done himself no favors lately in making intemperate, tactless remarks against other candidates.

I am not referring to his description of Megyn Kelly as a bimbo -- a stupid remark, but not totally off target.  Kelly is more of an opportunist who would trade conservative principles for media fame and acclaim, and therefore not our friend.  I don't object to his description of Lindsey Graham, the wimpish do-nothing senator from South Carolina, as "a guy who couldn't get a job."  Graham is totally without substance or credibility as either a conservative or a Republican.  Again, not our friend.

However, this week Trump made disparaging remarks about Carly Fiorina's appearance, particularly, her face.  Fiorina didn't deserve that.  This was a "gratuitous insult" -- one that had no purpose, was not a reaction to something Fiorina said or did.  It was a cheap shot.

All "The Donald" accomplished was to make himself look like a boorish, tactless cad.  He wants to be the nominee, yet is supplying the Democrats with enormous ammunition to use against him.  Think of the numerous political ads they will run, quoting Trump's own words, to show him as a thoughtless bully with no sense of decorum or propriety -- or basic manners, for that matter.

So today, at long last, I am reevaluating my support for Donald Trump.  With his big mouth and lack of tact, I am beginning to think he cannot win the presidency.  My advice:  Shut up, Donald.  We know you have big gonads, now show us that you have a brain as well.

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