Sunday, September 13, 2015

Liberals Love Evil

I got into an online argument with a leftist who attacked me on FaceBook.  He had read this blog and called me a bigot for linking to a "racist, anti-Islamic website."  He could only have meant Pamela Geller's site.  All Geller does is print news items about the daily atrocities, social outrages and news of the Muslim world and of the Muslim immigrants.  Truth can't be "racist," except to morons like Franklin Delano RiehlButthead, or whatever his weird last name is.

So here we are, fourteen years down the road from 911, and leftist morons like FDR are incensed that anyone write the unvarnished truth about the world's vilest, most barbaric, violent and evil religion ever to oppress mankind.  Liberal/leftists are so full of love and tolerance for anyone who hates our guts and wants to kill us.  They love evil and rush to embrace it.

I would love to punch this a-hole in the mouth.

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