Wednesday, September 02, 2015

More Twitter Fights With Leftists

Twitter fights can be fun and invigorating, but they do take a lot of time....waste a lot of time, perhaps.  Their only good comes in practicing debate with angry liberals, and in deflecting personal insults.  If you have a thin skin, twitter fights can help you grow a thicker one.  I am at a point where liberal insults don't bother me in the least.  It only shows how totally devoid the leftist mind is of any understanding or arguments, i.e. about politics, economics, climate change, taxation, history, religion or government.

Basically, liberals are ignoramuses who think their lack of knowledge is enlightenment.

Some interesting points that came out of this morning's twitter fight:

1. Gun Control -- Leftists are pushing back hard on the belief that more legal guns and open carry laws deter crime.  Some liberals and liberal institutions (like Stanford University) are publishing papers that say the opposite is true:  that more guns means more crime and violence.  The Stanford paper (as summarized by the Stanford News) is based on computer models.   The models, data and source documents are not available for study, but this really sounds bogus to me.  Any alleged increase in crime should be tied back to individuals who have abused right-to-carry laws, not computer models.  An anti-gun professor in an anti-gun, leftist environment has produced a paper that "proves" his biases.

Intuitively, the professor's claims do not make sense to me.  If criminals know that a neighborhood has guns, would they be less likely to do home invasions or burglaries?  If criminals know that there are right-to-carry laws in effect, would they be less likely to shoot up schools and theaters?  I would think so.  What makes less sense is that otherwise lawful citizens turn into criminals when they have ready access to guns.  Absolute bunk, but liberals will believe anything.

My chief antagonist, one Tam somebody, asked derisively if I doubted peer review and Stanford University.  I sent her a link that shows that "peer review" does very little to improve the quality of research papers.  So no, I am not impressed with peer review as it relates to research papers.  This shut her up for a while.

As for the paper being from Stanford University, so what?  Stanford is a hotbed of leftist thought and ideology.  I would expect the paper to be biased, just as so many "scholarly" papers on global warming have been.  Further, other researchers have reached the opposite conclusion.  The question is not yet decided in scholarly circles.

UPDATE:  I found two sites that rebut the Stanford study as sophomoric and biased.  No surprise there.  Read MORE JUNK, LESS SCIENCE: New Stanford “Working Paper” claims right-to-carry increases assaults by 33%

Also read:  Right-to-Carry Gun Laws Linked to Increase in Violent Crime -- a rebuttal.

2. The Rich and Taxes.  The rich pay way more than their fair share of taxes, yet liberals believe the opposite.  Liberals view corporations that keep earnings off-shore to be "traitors" and "tax evaders."  They want to tax the living shinola out of every corporation, then kill the stockholders and sell their bodies to rendering plants.  Just kidding about the rendering plants.

3.  The Military:  Weaker or Stronger?  Liberals have graphs and charts that prove anything they want, and insist that the military is very strong compared to other functions of government.  Maybe.  I hope so.  However, my general impression is that the military is quite a bit weaker since Obama took power; he has fired numerous generals and officers, for example, and overall military morale is lower.

4.  Black Lives Matter, a Hate Group?  Black Lives Matter members have lately been advocating murder of police officers and other whites, and eight cops have been murdered in the past nine days.  However, the liberal tweeters says there is no "direct evidence" that these calls for violence are responsible for the officers' deaths.  Maybe it's just a black thing that we wouldn't understand.  Lee Stranahan, however, thinks the group advocates killing cops.

I will be looking for more information about items 1, 3 & 4.  If you have any relevant links or comments, please let me know.

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