Monday, September 14, 2015

Man-Hating British Barrister Emasculates British Lawyer for Praising Her Looks (#Proudman)

Bumpy Nose Barrister Charlotte Proudman
I saw this at The Other McCain:  a law partner in Britain connected on Linked-In with one Charlotte Proudman, a barrister (that's British for "attorney").  The law partner, one Alexander Carter Silk, had both a lapse in judgment and a lapse in taste, and remarked to Proudman that he found her Linked-In photo (see left) "stunning."

Proudman, being one of those aberrants known as feminists, then castigated Silk for his sexism.  Not satisfied with merely emasculating Silk privately, she then tacked his severed penis over her office law degree to be viewed as a grisly trophy by fellow man-hating lesbians (aka "feminists").  I speak figuratively, of course.  In lieu of brandishing a severed penis, she copied and pasted the private conversation on social media to publicly embarrass and shame Mr. Silk.  Not satisfied with that, she registered a formal complaint against him with the British version of the Bar Association.  Proudman was doing all she could to seriously damage a man's professional reputation and career for the crime (and error, IMHO) of finding her pretty.

Now if you were a male lawyer in London, would you wish to professionally associate with Ms. Proudman?  Or link to her on Linked-In, or refer clients to her, or hire her, or work with her in any capacity?  I think not.  Man-hating feminists are like faulty time-bombs, ready and able to blow up in your face when you are least expecting it.  Who needs that?  Better to just give her a wide berth, and I can assure you, many will.  This dumb broad merely shot herself in the foot, all for the moral vanity of playing "victim."  I suspect she hurt her own law career far more than she could ever hurt that of Silk.

As for Mr. Silk, his comment about Proudman's appearance as "stunning" was indeed foolhardy, considering today's hostile work environment for normal people.  However, his main guilt is in his poor taste.  The only thing "stunning" about Proudman's appearance is that huge bump on the side of her nose.  Perhaps she should mate with a pelican.  A gay one, to be sure.

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