Thursday, September 17, 2015

Hunting the Wild Social Justice Warrior (#gamergate)

I just finished Vox Day's book about "Social Justice Warriors" -- what they are, what they do, why they do it and how to fight them.  The book is called "SJWs Always Lie."  You can buy the Kindle version from Amazon for around $10.

This is one of the best books I ever read about the left-right culture wars now raging through Western Civilization.  Vox Day describes predictable patterns in how leftist politicos attack normal people, and attempt to ruin the lives and careers of anyone who goes against "the Narrative" -- that is, whatever propaganda line a particular cell of crazies is pushing, e.g., men oppress women, white racism oppresses all non-whites, this or that is "racist," etc ad infinitum.  These Social Justice Warriors enthusiastically support radical feminism, abortion on demand, open borders, socialism, racial-norming, same sex marriage, transgender acceptance, and many other left-wing causes, and hate those who oppose them.  They regularly destroy the reputations and careers of non-SJWs merely to make examples of them, to create fear in the rest of society, to bully and intimidate outsiders into supporting the Narrative, or at the very least, into silence and non-opposition.

My last post, about the radical feminist Charlotte Proudman, is a textbook example of how SJWs work, and how they attack and destroy non-SJWs.  They do this, not only to support and push the Narrative, but to gain notoriety and respect from fellow SJWs.  They have zero sympathy for their victims, and are completely amoral and ruthless.  

SJWs try to infiltrate and eventually control various organizations and industries.  Vox Day has successfully fought them in the gaming and science fiction industry, but they have substantial control over major media and academia, as well as various left-leaning corporations.  The latter three are usually characterized by oppressive speech codes or "codes of behavior," in order to control the leftist narrative and have a means of identifying and punishing dissenters.   Free speech is still technically legal, but may result in social and professional ostracism, job loss, and a sullied reputation.

Vox Day gives several recent examples of careers destroyed or damaged by this modern-day version of the Red Guard.  He explains what to do and how to react if you become a target.  He explains strategies for defeating this evil movement, and yes, it can be defeated.  He's done it.

This valuable book is a must-read for all defenders of Western Civilization and freedom of speech, association and conscience.  I strongly recommend it.

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