Saturday, September 12, 2015

Supporters of the Confederate Flag: What the Flag Means to Us

A Southern Brother and Patriot
For the past three months or so, we have been told what the Confederate flag means to leftists, liberals and radical blacks.  They have preached their negative impressions from the rooftops, censoring, banning and banishing everything Confederate in their path.  To these people, the very sight of a Confederate flag means "I hate black people!  I'm against racial equality!  I want to bring back segregation, Jim Crow and poll taxes! Long live White Supremacy!"

Well thanks for explaining to us what's in our evil Southern hearts.  We would never have known what we are feeling without liberal-provided stereotypes and knee-jerk reactions to colored cloth.

Okay, enough B.S.  Now I will tell you what we REALLY feel about the Confederate flag, and why it fills our hearts with self-recognition, loyalty and pride.

We love and fly the Confederate flag to nonverbally state the following:

1.  The South is our country, a country within a country.  We are a people with a history of shared sacrifice, suffering and survival.  The flag says to us, "I belong to something greater than myself:  a nation, a people."  Our nationhood includes many Southern black brothers and sisters who also revere the Confederate flag.  Maybe they didn't read the liberal/leftist/Democrat talking points and are unaware of what they are supposed to believe.

2.  We reject the Northern version of history, that the North fought to free the slaves and the South fought to keep and expand slavery.  The war was a war of conquest based on the North's insistence on subjugating the South economically, and its desire to continue subjecting the South to high tariffs, unfair taxation for the benefit of the North at the expense of the South.

3.  We insist that the Southern states had a legal and moral right to secede from the Union, that "the consent of the governed" was the overriding factor and principle in the South's decision to secede.  The South no longer consented.

4.  We believe that the North's brutal invasion and conquest of the South was criminal in the extreme, naked aggression for the purpose of continuing to tax and rule the Southern states.  There was nothing honorable, legal, moral or right in the North's aggression.  We wholeheartedly condemn it.

5.  We will forever revere and honor our Confederate ancestors who fought for Southern Independence, and forever mourn what was lost at Appomattox -- the right to govern ourselves.

All of the above five points could be summarized as this:  "The South was right and the North was wrong!"  Or, alternatively, "We are Southern loyalists and we are still here!  Deal with it!"

As for the notion that we fly the flag to make liberal black people feel bad, well that's just not true.  Liberals, whether black or white, are just not so important to us to make us expend the energy.  Not that it takes much energy to offend a liberal.  Anyone can do it without hardly trying. Nevertheless, we'd rather sit on our porches and drink iced tea and smoke cigars.  Hating morons takes too much work and accomplishes nothing.

I suspect the current antagonism towards everything Confederate is borne of a worry that we the conquered may not forever wish to remain that way.  Disloyalty to the current mega-state cannot be tolerated.  All must think the same, vote the same, and behave the same.   Screw that.  Long live the South!

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