Friday, October 07, 2016

2016 Election Worries

We are five weeks away from the presidential election of 2016.  The polls are close, but generally show Hillary winning.  This is worrisome.  I go through my day with vague feelings of upset, annoyance and irritation.

I don't want to wallow in either false hope or pessimism, but here is what I am seeing:

1.  California's teeming freeways do not show any Hillary/Kaine bumper stickers.  I have seen no Hillary yard signs.  I see this as a lack of enthusiasm of the old bat's candidacy.  The left will vote for her, but only if they are motivated enough to get off the couch and go to the polls.  Let's hope enough of them stay home on November 8th to affect the outcome.

2.  There are no Trump ads on television in California.  Trump has written California off, but that is understandable.  California is far left and getting worse daily.  However, Trump apparently is pulling his ads in three other states, i.e. Ohio, North Carolina and Florida.  Why?  I fear that Trump is not fighting hard enough to win.  Will he be prepared for Sunday's debate with Hillary?

UPDATE:  Rush says Trump is only pulling ads out of rural areas where he has commanding leads.  The leftist mainstream media is trying to give the false impression that the ad pulls are a Trump admission of defeat.

What do we do if Hillary wins and we are stuck with another four years of Obama's disastrous policies?  If that happens, I will give up on retaking the country from the Bolsheviks, and will donate my time advocating secession of the red states and the formation of a new union.

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