Monday, October 10, 2016

Post Debate: Liberal Political Sites In Full Spin Mode After Hillary's Loss

Bill Clinton at the 2nd Presidential Debate
It's always shocking to see such brazen lying on the part of liberal pundits and websites.  I watched the debate last night, all of it.  Donald controlled the stage, was confident, informed and well prepared.  Hillary was on defense all night.  Trump  destroyed her in debate.  Conservative sites and pundits were ecstatic over Trump's triumph.

Nevertheless, leftwing sites are falsely claiming that "Clinton crushed Trump for the second time," and "Clinton Wins Debate."  What complete and utter falsehood.

If the Dems lie so much, it is indeed possible that they are misrepresenting the polls.  We will know in 29 days.  Meanwhile, don't believe the Democrat propaganda.

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