Sunday, October 09, 2016


The second debate just ended and, in my opinion, Trump was the clear winner.  He was aggressive and prepared.  It was true that Anderson Cooper's first question to Trump was designed to really excoriate Trump over the video tape released two days ago.  It was designed to make Trump look like a criminal.  It didn't work.  Trump said he talked about things that he really doesn't do.

When Hillary then took Donald to task for his alleged sexism, the retaliated by bringing up her husband's sexual assaults on women, on his losing his law license and on the hefty damages payments he had to make to two of his victims.  Hillary had no comeback to this.

Throughout the debate, Donald Trump looked unflappable, at ease, in control, and prepared.  Hillary dealt mainly in rehearsed talking points, liberal goals that are wrong and destructive, like "making the economy work for everybody, not just those at the top," which is absurd.  Government can't make the economy work, but they can make it suffer through ill advised intervention into the private sector.

Hillary also said she supported higher taxes on corporations and the rich.  That should work to force more businesses overseas.  What a fool.

Well now I am going to check the spot polls and see what others are saying.  I think it is obvious, however, that Trump won the debate.  His performance was much stronger this time around.

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