Monday, October 24, 2016

2016 Presidential Election: What's Really Going On?

Rush Limbaugh todays said he didn't really know what's going on with this election.  There are conflicting phenomena that lead to two different conclusions:  Hillary's victory, or Donald's?

Consider the following:
1. There are the polls, some of which show Trump ahead, others that show Hillary ahead.  The RCP poll average puts Hillary ahead by 5 points or more; however, the average is skewed by the ABC poll, which shows Hillary ahead by 10 points, a preposterous number.  Oversampled Democrats, perhaps?

2. Trump's political rallies show large crowds of enthusiastic supporters, where Hillary's show small crowds.  Adrienne at Adrienne's Corner said 50,000 people logged on to see Trump's Gettysburg speech, whereas only 900 logged on to see a same-day rally for Hillary.

3.  Texas is said to be "in play," with Trump leading by only a small amount. This is very hard to believe, since Texans generally hate everything Hillary stands for:  abortion, high taxes, unlimited immigration, etc.  Rigged polls, perhaps?

4.  Wikeleaks continues to reveal dirty tricks and illegalities by the Democrat National Committee on behalf of Hillary.  One of their revelations was a DNC document that recommended using false polls to overstate Hillary's "lead," thereby discouraging and depressing the Trump vote.  The same document also advocated acting as if the election were already won for Hillary, to accomplish the same goal.  [Source:  Gateway Pundit]

5.  Never-Trump RINOs like Jonah Goldberg and his ilk continue to propagandize for Hillary by opining that Trump has no chance of winning, and by highlighting every item of bad news for Trump, all while insulting and denigrating Trump personally as well.  With traitors like these, who needs Democrats?

Conclusions:  Anything can happen.  Dirty tricks and voter fraud will help Hillary's efforts, but the more reliable polls are close, with Donald ahead in 8 of the RCP polls, and Hillary ahead in only 6 of them.  Trump supporters are far more motivated, and many of Hillary's supporters may stay home on election day.  Trump can win.  Don't give up, get discouraged, or believe the Hillary hype.  Go to the polls on November 8 and vote for Donald Trump!

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