Thursday, October 13, 2016

Democrat Media Launches Final Assault; Disseminating Bogus Bimbo Tales of Trump

Although it is very dirty pool, the Democrat major media always uses the same rotten trick to disparage Republican candidates.  They come up with various women who state that they were groped by the Republican candidate.  They did it to Arnold Schwarzenegger, when he ran for governor of California; they did it to Herman Cain when he was a candidate for president.  Today it is Donald Trump's turn.  Today the New York Times has revealed the claims of at least two women that Trump either came on to them, or groped them -- one of the claims is from 30 years ago.

Trump is denying the claims of these Democrat women and threatening to sue them and the New York Times for slander.

I am neither shocked nor outraged by the NY Slimes bimbo tales, because the tactic is so overused and predictable.  Don't buy it.

Rush today is claiming that a lot of the polls are false and designed to discourage and depress the Republican vote.  Don't let those polls discourage you either.  Rasmussen today shows Trump up over Hillary by 43% to 41%.  Trump has a good chance for winning this, and that is why the NY Slimes has now resorted to desperation moves.

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