Sunday, May 16, 2010

Email from a Muslim and My Reply

I received the following email from Hina Naz, a Muslim in the U.K.

Hello, I would like to kno wat u have against muslims, u have no right 2 give such horrible comments about my religion islam, yes i am a muslim and i am ashamed that as a human being, let alone wat religion u follow, but as a human being u can b so stone hearted 2 do what u have on your website about the pictures of my beloved prophet Muhammed (P.B.U.H) (Peace Be Upon Him), that is just wrong, on your account u have said dis-

"I don't care what color you are, if you're straight or gay, religious or atheist."

So y make fun of another religion, if u dont follow islam so it doesnt mean u have to criticise that religion and make horrible comments about it, well i belive in islam ,was born a muslim and i have just done Ummrah, i dont know if u know wat that is, if not, look it up! And i found the whole journey beautiful and life changing 4 me and my family, In future, dont u ever make fun of my religion Islam, u should do something better with your life rather than making fun and discriminating another religion.

All i can say is change now before it is too late for you, i dont know if u belive in God, but do change, stop this discriminating and vile comments what u have on your account, its disgusting and at the end of the day, we, each and every person on this planet have 2 go from here some day, mayb 2day, or 2mrw, or in the nxt 10 yrs, we all have 2 go, so i surgest that u stop acting like a rasist person and do something betta with ur time, dont waste time, it is very valuable, and belive me, u do not want 2 die a dogs death and suffer the graves punishment send my Allah, (God)

and on the day of judgement were all your good and bad deeds will be brought infront of God will be shown to everybody, from the 1st person who came on this earth and the last who came, will see eveything u have done, good or bad, u will have no where to hide, God is everywhere and do u want everybody 2 know what disgusting things u have been doin in your life, well do u? belive me, on the day of resurection, wen God decides were each person will go, Heaven or Hell, do u truly want to stay in Hell for the rest of your afterlife! because thats were were all gonna b staying 4ver! thats the real life!

This world were we are living now is not the real world, it is a test which we all r going through, wen we leave this world we want to make sure we have done good deeds 2 help us have a better life in the hereafter and God is not cruel, he will only punish those hu have done wrong or thoses who harm people in any way, e.g. making fun of my prophet and religion, very wrong! do u want 2 b punished 4 ur bad deeds? on the day of judgement u will be asked y u did this, and u wudnt know wat 2 say!!!

So, i hope i have hit a chord in u somewere 2 make u realise that what iv seen on your website is truly wrong, please do us all a favour and close that account and u get on with ur life and leave all muslims alone, if so, do something better, show the beauty of the religion islam instead of posting discriminating comments and piks which lead 2 thousands even millions of people cursing u and asking God 4 ur utter misery not only in this world but the hereafter also! So please, stop this hatered and get on with your life like a good human being, being a good follower of ur religion is 1 thing and being a good human being is another thing! Bare that inmind my friend and please, the nxt time i or any1 else goes on ur website i want all that rubbish off and see an improvemnt in urself, not 4 me, 4 ur self, 4 a betta life 4 ur self, 4 something u can b proud of, r u proud of wat uv been doing, think with ur head not ur heart! and i hope u absorb wat i have written and i hope u chnge, i cnt chnge 2, only 4self! Thank U and may God forgive ur sins, only if u chnge and delete them horrible things iv seen on your account, i cried wen i saw them, it hurt me alot and i was just godsmacked, really! I dont know wat more 2 say but remember-

God is Everywhere!!!!!!

My response:

Really?  You cried over cartoons?  Over satire?  I would say your sensibilities are seriously misplaced.

How did you feel about the 3,000 Americans murdered by Muslims on 9/11?  Did you cry then?  Many Muslims throughout the world celebrated in the streets and passed out candy.  How did you feel about the 334 people, 186 of them school children, murdered by Muslims in Beslan, Russia in 2004?  Did you cry then?  How did you feel when four Muslims murdered 173 people in Mumbai, India in 2008?  I'll bet you shed no tears whatsoever.  Then there was the Muslim bombings in London in 2005, in the U.K., where you live, killing 52 innocent people.  Did you feel any shame then at being a Muslim?  Do you think that God approved of the murders?  Did you weep for the dead?

In short, I hate your religion because it is evil, because it kills people (it has killed about 280 million people since your false prophet, Mohammed, created it); it oppresses people, especially women; and because it adds nothing at all good to the world or to humanity, and never has.  Let me spell it out for you:  Mohammed was a false prophet and there is no god named Allah.

My advice to you:  change your religion and leave this evil ideology.



anonymous rebel said...

congrats, i am sure satan is very pleased with your work, you should go tell him "You're welcome" once you die with the beliefs you still have before satan torments you in the fiery pit of eternal damnation, because if there was no religion like yours where people kill other people because they believe in some imaginary non-existant being that's stuck in a box then there would be peace and happiness, unfortunately that's not the case, we have religion, and alot of the religion (like yours) is useless harmful and a threat to mankind since all it does is commit crimes against humanity you should be ashamed of yourself

anonymous rebel said...

that's to the muslim by the way