Saturday, May 29, 2010

Yes, DRILL BABY DRILL, in Spite of the Oil Rig Disaster

Liberals and leftists are a real study in stupidity and hypocrisy. They point to the latest oil drilling accident off Louisiana as a reason why we should not be drilling for oil, anywhere at any time. What they don't discuss, however, is the alternative to not drilling: higher prices for energy and reliance on foreign sources that are hostile to the United States.

So what are the alternatives to drilling? Solar and wind power, which supply a minuscule percentage of our energy needs? Are future cars to have large sails attached to the roofs? Are we to freeze in our homes? Pay $8 for a gallon of gas? Cheaper, more plentiful supplies of oil result in a more robust economy, a higher standard of living for all, and less American funding of oil sheiks who hate us.

The latest oil disaster is a result of bans on drilling on land, or closer to shore where such leaks would be more easily fixed. It is the Left's hatred of oil and energy that caused this oil leak, by refusing to allow far more efficient and safer ways to extract oil.

Psota at Free Will has an intelligent discussion on oil disasters and "Drill Baby Drill." Do get over there and read his blog -- it's excellent, and leave some comments.

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